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I began training with Kes Baker in June 2008 at 24hr Fitness, having gained signficant weight following a knee injury where my weight peaked at 213.5 lbs!!! I was embarrassed at my own appearance and concemed for my future health if i didn't loose weight.

Kes was very honest with me upfront about his role as PT and my accountability as client in reaching my weight loss goals. He put me on a challenging training plan to reach my goals. I especially appreciated how he customized my training to accelerate results. His plan for me included nuttrition, supplements, and goal tracking tools to complement and enhance my personl training. Periodic body measurements and fitness assessments where done to measure my continued performance improvement and progress over time

Results came immediately which reinforced my determination to reach my initial goal and set new ones. As my stamina and fitness performance improved, kes chellenged me more and was able to transform my body. I gained muscle mass and definition, and substantially lowered my BM/fat%, lost inches and weight.

Having reached my goal, I transitioned from personal training and joined Kes' bootcamp as a part of my maintenance program. His 2009 running bootcamp offered a new challenge and by May 2009, I weighed 145lbs.... almost 70 POUNDS less than I'd weighed in May of 2008. More importantly with muscle mass I gained due to strenght training, I looked about 10lbs lighter. By October, I weighed in at 136.5 lbs which surpasses my initial goal by 15lbs.

Since then I have continued my fitness and nutrition plan as a part of my lifestyle and kept the weight off (my control range is  138-144bls) and the muscles on.

I credit Kes with providing the professional coaching and training to help me transform my body from an unhealthy 213lbs to a very fit and healthy 136lbs in 18 months." -- Pam H


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