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During my time training with Kes, I   have experienced amazing results     and quickly. Kess' drive for fitness     truly lives up to the company name

 'CutAbuv'. He cares genuinely about 

 your overall health and incorporates nutrition and fitness that not only     suits your needs but pushes you to strive for more than just having  an

amazing looking body. His ultimate

 goal is to ensure that you are a healthy individual. I would recommend  'Cutabuv PT' to anyone looking for a balanced health and fitness lifestyle....... Mike Boston

My name is Bridgette and once upon a time I weighed 486 lbs and 14ozs. After making a serious commitment to myself and my family to loose weight and get healthier before old mother nature would show up and bring with her all those naughty things like hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease, to name a few. I sought the help and assistance of Kes.  After many long, hard, sweaty, and difficult personal sessions I was able to shed 180lbs! There were many times that I wanted to give up, but with Kes' motivation I pushed through to success and every day I am THANKFUL!! I will always remember him saying, " Anything worth having takes hard work and will power". So I am here to tell you that if I can do it, then you can do it.

" I am a satisfied personal training and        bootcamp client of Kes Baker @ CutAbuv. I credit Kes with providing the professional coaching and training to help me transform my body from an unhealthy 213lbs to a very fit and healthy 136lbs in 18 months." -- Pam H

CutAbuv is not just a name. It embodies the entire work out experience. From start to finish, beginning with the warmup you truly feel the genuineness of Kes and his desire for you to achieve your fitness goal. His humor and complete maleness insures that there is never a dull moment. If you're serious about it, come and "be about it" at the one and only CutAbuv.........Teresa Simon

My testimony is that the excercises I could not do, or  even think about doing, Kes brought me to the point where I could do them and gave me the confidence to use my workouts as a motivation toward other difficult situations in my life. Meaning I can achieve the mission just focus and work towards the goal without defeat in mind. ........Mark Lewis

I have worked with several trainers; however, Kes surpasses their expertise by far. His innovative and creative workouts are motivating and unpredictable! I have transformed physically, mentally, and have formed friendships with a dynamic group of people! I started this process feeling negatively about maintaining a consistent workout regimen, but because of Kes' encouragement, constructive criticism, and reaching my goal weight, working out has become an integral part of my life! Needless to say, I am truly grateful for the support from my trainer, family, and workout group! ...All the best,  LaToya

Cut above is a serious program!!! Thanks for the   "beach body" 6 months after delivering my baby Kes!! You are the bomb!.....Shavera

Since working with Kes, I lost 20lbs in a month, I changed the way I ate which meant doing the meal that was given to me 24/7 and working out. Kes is a great motivator, personal trainer and great friend. He changed my life from Tranquility Lake to Miami Beach girl.....Tiarra

If you're looking for a KILLER workout CutAbuv is your camp.........P Daniels

I am 55 and I had problems with my joints and overall I was out of shape. When I first started training with Kes, I just knew that I was not going to be able to tolerate the routines, but Kes and the other class members would encourage me not to give up and I slowly builded up my strength and endurance . I joined the class to get healthy, not to loose weight only and I now have flexibility and strength that I didn't have and as a benefit from the exercises have lost 2 dress sizes. The class is very intense , but with determination anyone can and will see the difference his classes make.         Rose Turner

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lt just goes to show you how hard work and determination can deliver results. When I first came to Kes a  few years ago, I could only do 4 Pushups on my knees and had never lifted a dumbell. Pathetic first day.  Fast forward, and look at me now.   Through his vigorous, heart pounding, muscle, electrifying, 

 insane workouts you are guaranteed results. Insane results. Not only is he the best trainer, He is passionate about results. He creates a fun atmosphere but make no mistake it is hard work. I am so much stronger now. Bring on any challenge and because of his training, I can deliver. ...........Yoland R.

Five months after having my second child I decided to make a big change and set off on a get fit journey. After a few months of my friend and I walking and slight jogging at the park with much hesitation I decided to try CutAbuv boot camp to get rig of the extra baby weight. You might be asking yourself, if I had made the decison to get fit then what was the hesitation in joining the boot camp. Well let me explain....... While doing my walks at the park I  had an opportunity to see firsthand some of the exercises that were being done in the boot camp. I told myself it was no way I would be able to do that but the young lady that was working  out with the trainer was right there keeping up with him. My friend and I were approached by Kes Baker and ask if we would like to join them. Being me, I quickly declined all while admiring the strenght and motivation of his client. After being approached a second time, another friend of mine responded yes before I could decline, so I agreed to give it a try but only after I let her know that she had no idea what she had gotten us into. Needless to say that friend never joined the boot camp. I stuck to my word and went to check it out. After my first day I left with what I considered to be a piss poor performance. Not being able to do a push-up, feeling weak, gasping for air and no endurance what so ever I would return the next day because I'm not the one to be defeated. If I'm going to do something I'm going to do it all in. After a few weeks I became more and determined and the first sight of any resulsts just fueled the fire. I realized early on that I was going to get as much out of the boot camp as i put in and learned to push myself beyond the pain. Over the course of the next two years, I knew what it felt to be fit, in great shape and lose 20 plus pounds. For someone who couldn't run to save my life, I was able to run, lift my own body  weight  and do countless push-ups. You can say I was pretty tough. Boot camps are not just about losing weight. I have always been a small person but to me the ideal body isn't looking thin and healthy, it's about being strong and being healthy! I will say that boot camp is easy becuse it is a lot of hard work but at the end of every workout I was always proud of what I had accomplished ..Stacey B.


Before I started training with Kes I used to have a weak back and be out of breath running after my kids. Kes not only helped me improve my overall health but targeted areas like my back and shoulders to make them stronger. Kes not only helped me lose weight and become fit but helped improve my health and made me stronger so I can live a more healthy life. He is a tough trainer and a supportive teacher. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their health and become stronger physically and mentally....... Nadia khan

I can honestly say training with Cutabuv definitely put my body in transformation mode after the first 5 weeks!! I've lost inches as well as weight each week! I can also see my body getting lean and toned. My strenght and endurance improves with each workout and every workout has definitely been a results driven experience!! I still have a ways to go, but with overall continued focus on the proper deit along with the bootcamp I am well on my way to weight loss and body transformation!!

>Kejuanda-aka "Kee"```````


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