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About Us

KES BAKER:          CERT: AFI 

                        CPR:  AED:  FA:  Amer Red Cross


I am a husband, father, grandfather, and a lover of Christ. I was born on the beautiful island of Jamaica but when I was seven, my family moved to New York City. While I've always loved fitness, there I worked as a Model in the late 80's, Hair Stylist in the 90's, then  Bouncer and Bodyguard. I relocated to the Houston Metropolitan area in 2006, and  recognized serious health issues with the people that I encountered. This led me back to my love of fitness so in 2008, I became a Personal Trainer. My goal is to change Houston into the healthiest city, ONE PERSON - ONE POUND at a time.

Being fit is not about trying to live up to somebody else's standard of what health and beauty may be. It's about living up to your own high standards. This can be accomplished by having positive behaviors that lead you to feel complete. A healthy you can translate to your family also being healthier. This begins with having information, but also practical tools that make implementing and maintaining healthy habits simple. It involves being mindful about your lifestyle and developing a sustainable approach to everyday life. 


Whether accurate or not, first impressions are usually based on appearance. Our appearance is often a reflection of our attitude and behavior regarding our health.  Although the impression may not be  final, it can influence the initial response from others, either positive or negative. Your body is with you forever, it's the only one you have. It's up to you to treat it well.  Don't wait until it's too late!  How ever you need to accomplish your goal, with  one- on- one personal training, a small group setting, or  within a bootcamp,  your success is my main focus. Everyone can be healthier and have the best body possible, and I am here to show you how! 



If you are one who is looking for a more hands on approach to meeting your personal weight loss or fitness goal, then One-on-One personal training sessions is what you need. It provides an individualized focus, that is highly recommended by top fitness experts,  to get fast and efficient results. Becuase of the indivualized approach, the training style can be changed as needed...For example, you may have had a rough day at work and just need to let off a little steam. In this situation, a kickboxing session might be the perfect solution to the problem. Simply, personal training is  the best no nonsense way to train.


Exercising with the people that you care about can be a lot of fun! If you and a group of your friends, family, coworkers desire an exclusive group work out where you can share support and cut costs, this may be your style of training. No one else will ltrain with your group and sessions will be customized to help your group meet its needs. Although this type of training is a more economical way to train, the needs of  each individual in the group will still be met. 



If you have short term deadlines like your upcoming high school reunion, or a loooong overdue vacation, or your wedding day, and you don't mind working with others with similar goals, then a Bootcamp/Group training is the one for you. Although bootcamp is the most affordable,  it is still a very effective way to train. There are varying levels of intensity, but even the lowest - level one,  will provide you with a challenging workout. As I  push you to your individual limit, I will  be with you, sweating all the way. That's right!!  BOOTCAMP STYLE BABY! so come join us and NO MAN -- OR WOMAN WILL GET LEFT BEHIND!


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